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About Brigitte Bruyez

Contact Information

Name: Brigitte Bruyez
Mobile: + 33 6 40 05 73 71
Work: +1 561 324 8729
Location: Wellington

Brigitte is sharing her time between Florida ( from October to April) and France, at her wellness center, Le Relais des Anges, during the summer.

Brigitte is the Founder of the Well being center and Bed & Breakfast, in France "Le Relais des Anges"

"Le Relais des Anges" is a place of Heaven, open in 2013, a well being center, in the South West of France where you will have the possibilities to have yoga classes of the 7 spirituals laws of Yoga, the Primordial Sound Meditation with group meditation and so many other teachings

You want to spend some time to rest, just enjoy your stay around the pool, go for a walk around the vineyard, or cliff. 

Enjoy the  country side, the market in Cahors or other village.

Biking, walking, kayak, boat ride, yoga, meditation, healing session and great food. 

All you need to take care of yourself.

 Brigitte is Spiritual healer , connected to the Divine power of the Virgin Mary. 

Yoga and meditation instructor, master reiki and energy coach, she teaches with love and simplicity ,

Conducting many seminars in France, Canada and Mexico, she guides people in their change of life and professional career and also activate their pure potential.

Brigitte can be reach directly at:

Just a click, and get your ticket to visit us…

Why becoming a PSM certification?


In 2010, at Chopra Center, I discover Seduction of Spirit. I knew  at that moment, there was something else to reconnect to something greater than I could imagine…

My yierning to learn  grow and I wanted to learn more about meditation,  yoga and ayurveda.

My life shift completely, a radical change….

Fashion photographer for more than 30 years, I got my  first certification in 2011, the 7 spiritual laws of  yoga. My goal is to become a Vedic teacher.

I meditate since 2008 . It is a must for me, I love to take that time to stop the machine and be in silence, take that time off to get in touch with my inner self. I learn different Meditation through those years and always came back to The Primordial Sound Meditation which give me the possibilities to discover higher states of consciousness.

My yierning to discover who I am.

Saying yes to everything on my way, living synchrodestiny, so that life became magical on all level.


After being in Montreal for more than 27 years, in 2013, I move back to France where I was raise to create and open a Well being Center, where I teach yoga,meditation, coach people to help them having a better life and activate their pure potential.

I have been traveling all around the world, I saw  such beauty and terror, from richness to poverty, from big cities to paradise isles, helicopter, private plan, jetlife, being a fashion photographer for more than 25 years, seeing beautiful model, places.

Here I am back to the root, in a little village of 900 people.

What a change!!!

I create a community. Yoga is very welcome and meditation is still something on the way for people of the area.

 I want to develop and bring more people to have a different view of meditation, so at their turn can discover the benefice in their life of this regular practice.

Surrender is the first key.

Discipline, the second. 

Practice, the third.

Consistence the Fourth.


My purpose in Life is to teach, to create, transmit the knowledge I received and I want to explore deeper space into myself.

I am a visionary and entrepreneur.

I feel, I see, I smell, I touch, I hear my purpose, I live my destiny each moment of the day.

I have so much gratitude toward Dct Deepak Chopra, Dct David Simon and their team. They became my family.

With love,


Entrepreneuse, conferenciere, auteur, photographe a ntreal, pendant plus de 25 ans dans le milieu de la mode et du marketing a travers le continent Americain.

Coah de developpement personnel, professeur certifie de yoga et meditation du Son Primordial egalement professeurs des 7 Lois spirituelles du Succes de Deepak Chopra et guerisseur spirituel, elle contribue a la guerison du cœur.


La vie l’amene a suivre le curriculum de l’education Landmark avec la puissance de la communication, de Marshall Rosemberg et Le Leader ship program.


Professeur certifie de Yoga, des 7 Lois spirituels du succes et de meditation du Son Primordial de l’Universite Deepak Chopra (Californie) et du Son Primordial de Meditation.


En 2013, elle retourne en France, pour fonder le Centre de ressourcement et Hebergement Le Relais des Anges, a  Mercues, dans le Sud Ouest de la France et devient secretaire de la Federation Francophone de Yoga en France.


A travers des programmes personnalises, des formations, des ateliers et des seminaires, elle amene les personnes a uvrir leur veritable potentiel.


’’La lentille de ma camera depuis mon plus jeune age, m’a permis d’etudier ? travers l’œil, le reflet de l’?me, a decouvrir des ressources cachees de l’etre humain et a debloquer mes propres capacites’’

’’Aujourd’hui, a travers des ateliers et des seminaires, j’amene les personnes a decouvrir leur veritable potentiel’’. 


 Je suis heureuse de pouvoir guider les etres  sur la voie de la guerison du coeur, la paix d'esprit et contribue a l'eveil de la conscience.



Ouvrages :

The Living Legacy, Les Temoins du Passe, publie en 2009.

Plume d’Ange, une caresse pour l’ame. Recueil de poemes publie en 2016.


’’C’est en allant chercher au plus profond de notre etre que nous serons capable de prendre   conscience de notre pure potentiel, cette puissance en soi pour faire une difference positive dans le monde, retrouver la  paix et la serenite pour nous-meme et la race humaine’’. Brigitte Bruyez

Pour me trouver en France:

France:  33 (0)6 40 05 73 71  

With love,


I am certified in:

Chopra Yoga
Chopra Meditation

Chopra Events Attended:

Silent Awakenings
Perfect Health
Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit

Photo Gallery

  • Logo Le Relais des Anges
  • Yoga Retreat at The Relais des Anges Yoga Retreat at The Relais des Anges
  • Breakfast at The Relais des Anges
  • Pool area Pool
  • Room
  • Suite Elemiah at The Relais des Anges

Class Schedule

Monday, 6:30-7:30 pm Primordial Sound Meditation

Event Details:

Cost: $0.00

Start: 9/6/2017

End: 6/30/2018

Event Link:étox-Juillet.jpg?dl=0

Idildwild Wellness Center


City: Wellington

Map Details: Google Map Link

Tuesday- 11:00- 12:00am Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Wednesday 6:30- 7:45pm Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Special Events

Monday, 9:30-10:30 am Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Event Details:

Cost: $0.00

Start: 1/30/2017

End: 6/30/2018

Event Link:

Event Link:

Idildwild Wellness Center


City: Wellington

Map Details: Google Map Link


"Thanks for creating safe space for me, to be vulernable , safe to receive uncondition love , infinate gratitude all aligned and feeling gratful magical relaxed. Everyone can feel your magnifient essance million times stronger and better than any language besides language of love."
--Susan G

"One word GREAT . Like already explained to you I felt so ligth , each part of my body felt your hands, my headache was gone, my visions were so clear, full of emotions. Thank you.Amazing. Maribel."

"I miss you!!! My goodness my experiences with you in France were deeply powerful. I am still integrating and processing all the beautiful moments and powerful energies. Monica"

"I have been thinking so much about you and appreciating your beautiful being - and how generous you were to me. I want you to know how I never take this for granted and that I think of it so often. It has affected my life deeply, and as I am manifesting many beautiful experiences every day, I so often think of you and all that you bring to the world. You are a treasure and a blessing to all. I feel so fortunate to have friends such a s you and Mark! What a joy!! Inger"