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Chopra Coaching

Chopra Coaching

Chopra Coaching is a spiritual relationship focused on helping you identify and fulfill your deepst desires, align with your dharma, and expand your awareness so that you can easily overcome any obstacles standing between you and your goals.

Through the Chopra Coaching process, you will experience deep transformation, healing, and greater self-knowledge, resulting in more joyful living. The foundation of the Chopra Coaching model is rooted in Vedic philosophy, coupled with evidence based best practices from coaching psychology.

Chopra Coaches honor clients as experts in their life and work, and believe every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. Chopra Coaches help you unlock and access your innate wisdom. Through the coaching process, you’ll develop a sense of autonomy, power, and self-efficacy, that will allow you to create the life of your dreams.

Chopra Coaching Provides

  • Customized individual support and guidance to integrate event content into your life
  • Partnership to work through limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and instills a powerful mindset to achieve your goals
  • Help to identify your dharma and create a roadmap for manifesting goals that are in alignment with your life purpose
  • An accountability partner to help stay on track when the distractions of life pull you away from living your intentions
  • A sacred space where you can check in and work on yourself on a consistent basis
  • Guidance for those wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • A support system for those who are working through a stressful phase or major life transition

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