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Chopra Yoga

Seven Laws

Chopra Yoga is a unique form of hatha yoga that blends the 5,000-year-old yogic tradition of India with the principles of Deepak Chopra’s international bestselling classic, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Students cultivate a deep state of body-centered restful awareness, and learn how to maintain balance and calm in the midst of life’s daily stresses.

Our Chopra Yoga certified instructors complete a rigorous two-part training program designed by Deepak Chopra and David Simon, where they learn the true principles of yoga and conscious living. When you take a Chopra f Yoga class, your teacher will help you infuse your practice with spirit and bring the Seven Laws into action in your daily life.

Chopra is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

In addition to exploring the depths of your soul, you will learn:

  • The spiritual law of the day
  • Pranayama breathing exercises
  • Strength, flexibility and balance postures
  • Sanskrit terms for poses/asanas
  • Meditation techniques
  • Energy opening postures
  • Infinite possibilities