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About Stacey Cook

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Name: Stacey Cook
Location: Dallas

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Santa Monica

Santa Monica

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Learning to meditate at an early age began Stacey’s life-long interest in personal growth and overall wellbeing, naturally leading her to a career in coaching. Through her education and completion of multiple certification programs, Stacey learned to incorporate Eastern philosophies with Western coaching methodologies to unleash potential and enable people to be their best selves. Her coaching practice focuses on supporting people ready for change by providing the space and tools to discover who they truly are and what they really want. Armed with a meaningful (and unique) vision, her clients gain the motivation to move forward. Stacey sees this type of heightened awareness as the key to a life that flows – easily and effortlessly.

She specializes in personal, professional, and grief coaching for people and their pets.

Stacey is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Barret Values Center Consultant, and Chopra Global Total Well-being Coach.

I am certified in:

Chopra Meditation
Chopra Health/Ayurveda
Total Well-being Coach

Chopra Events Attended:

Seduction of Spirit

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"I wasn’t especially confident that my primordial sound mantra would be different than other mantras I’d tried, but it was. Receiving it felt remarkably personal and gave me a sense of peacefulness. If you’ve tried other types of meditation but didn’t connect, this could definitely be what you are looking for."
--J.B. - Atlanta, GA

"I’ve tried other types of meditation throughout the years and can honestly say each was beneficial. But the moment I learned Vedic meditation, it instantly felt right… this was definitely MY mantra and it swiftly led to the most profound meditation. Using it consistently leaves me feeling calmer and more at peace than any other practice has."
--C.C. - Dallas, TX

"As a newbie to Vedic meditation, I can't really compare it to other methods but I can say that I really enjoyed being able to learn how to do this from the privacy of my own home at my schedule. Stacey has been very good at explaining how it all works and what I'm supposed to do. Her voice is very calm and it made it easy to relax and implement the mantra. So if you are a newbie like me, I can highly recommend Stacey to teach you how to meditate so you can find your inner peace as well."
--J.J. - Vista, CA


"Stacey has been my life coach for nearly a year now, and she’s been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Her approach is not just individualized and effective, but it’s highly personal. She’s one of the best listeners I’ve ever spoken to; she will listen to you, ask pertinent questions, and help you figure out the best ways to move forward in relationships, work, and any other aspects of life. I couldn’t recommend her enough! The only thing she ever needs from me is honesty. She’s heard the worst and the best in my life, and through it all, she’s been not only a great coach but has also become a dear friend through it all. I’m so glad I took a chance on that first phone call!"
--M.M. - Las Colinas, TX

"From a place of authentic experience, sensitivity, compassion and wisdom, Stacey is able to masterfully write the most excellent guided meditations for people, or animals, to enjoy. Her words are strung together in a perfect sequence and cadence, to first prepare the body and mind to rest, and then release through a soul-centered journey. What remarkable skill!"
--A.R. - San Diego, CA

"Stacey’s ability to combine genuine warmth with deep presence and commitment to serving her clients provides the ideal space for transformation. She is highly intuitive and observant, allowing her to ask uniquely insightful questions that help get to the core of a matter, and enable you to plan a sustainable, joyful path forward. She creates a safe space for this to happen, and also provides practical support and accountability to ensure that you are well-equipped to achieve your goals. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone who is open to exploring change and growth!"
--K.H. - Australia

"It was so apparent from the beginning of my time with Stacey - she always wants to go deeper. Her drive to uncover values, motivation and purpose within me and my circumstances unlocked real value for me in ways I did not expect but desperately needed! Additionally, Stacey’s light touch and kindhearted approach never ceased to maintain the safe space that I have come to expect from a great coach. It’s a privilege to work with her."
--M.P. - Nashville, TN

"Feeling lost in the "doing" of life, I wanted a different way to move forward in all things. I was searching for connection and clarity. My coaching sessions with Stacey were wonderfully warm and insightful. I felt guided, supported and heard. Together we were able to create an action plan that I feel empowered to work through. Stacey is knowledgeable, skilled and authentic. My sessions were truly life changing. I am very grateful to have found Stacey."
--R.D. - San Antonio, TX

"Working with Stacey as my coach has been an incredible experience. Before coaching, I knew I wanted to create change in my life but was unclear on how to move forward with my personal and professional goals. Through our coaching sessions, she helped me to clarify why these goals were important to me, inspired me to take action, and gave me the gentle push that I needed to move forward in the right direction. Her coaching sessions led to several important breakthroughs for me -- her empathy, open-mindedness, and ability to stay focused on the present were exactly what I needed."
--M.S. - Dallas, TX

"As a dog trainer that practices positive reinforcement techniques, I was thrilled to work with Stacey on dog mediation. She explained not only how to practice with my dog but also helped me identify the natural points in our routine throughout the day that we can take advantage of to connect. Stacey's energy is so perfectly matched for this work and it was . joy to be able to learn from her."
--MH - Vista, CA