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About Keli Carpenter

Keli Carpenter

Contact Information

Name: Keli Carpenter
Mobile: 7785332460

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Keli began her meditation journey as a child. Keli's mom brought her along to learn when she was becoming a practitioner of TM (Transcendental Meditation - same meditation practice Dr Chopra and Dr Simon started with). Keli went back to attend a refresher course as an adult in the early 1990's when she found herself facing a health crisis. It was because of recommitting to her meditation practice, reading and listening to Deepak Chopra and basic lifestyle choices that Keli was able to fully heal and find fulfillment like she hadn't ever experienced before.  Keli has brought her children up with meditation and an understanding of what presence feels like and how to listen from within. 

Keli offers PSM instruction both in person and online to both individuals and families. With 40 years meditation experience and 1400 hours in personal development workshops experience she brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to everyone she is blessed to teach.

I am certified in:

Primordial Sound Meditation

Chopra Events Attended:

Seduction of Spirit
Journey into Healing

Photo Gallery

  • Talking with Deepak 2006 Talking with Deepak 2006
  • Meeting with Deepak 2006 Meeting with Deepak 2006
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Keli Carpenter

Class Schedule

Primordial Sound Meditation

Event Details:

Cost: $350.00

Start: 11/15/2016

End: 11/29/2016



City: Kelowna

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