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About Wendy Basden

Contact Information

Name: Wendy Basden
Mobile: 828-337-3737
Location: Orange County

Other Places I Teach


Orange County

Orange County

Orange County

As an entrepreneur, owning two successful consulting businesses spanning 30 years in the IT industry, Wendy’s love for creating applications for clients and the gift of being able to see the bigger picture fueled her passion for helping others create a more stress-free environment. 

With the birth of her first child, she experienced an awakening in her heart that led her on a path of self-discovery and into the world of metaphysics where she received a B.S. in Metaphysics.  She became passionately interested in holistic ways of healing and living.  Being really focused not only on what she put in her body nutrition wise, but what she put in her mind, as well as what she surrounded herself with.  Her focus now is on helping others to realize their greatest potential and to help awaken their own inner strength so they may live a happier, more heart-centered life.

I am certified in:

Chopra Meditation
Chopra Health/Ayurveda
Total Well-being Coach

Special Events

Wednesday 10 AM - 4 PM Primordial Sound Meditation

Event Details:

Come join me live to receive your own personal mantra based on your time, date, and exact location of your birth from Vedic astrology.

Think you can't meditate? Have you tried and it just doesn't work? Or maybe you are ready to deepen your meditation practice. Either way, through this course and through receiving your personal Primordial Sound Meditation mantra, you will gain insight into how to develop a meditation practice that's right for you and discover how this practice opens you up to a realm of unlimited possibilities.

Learn the basics of meditation, the origins of Primordial Sound Meditation, the physical, lifestyle, and spiritual benefits of meditation, the effects of stress on the body, receive your personal mantra, learn how to create a daily practice, participate in a group meditation, and attend a lecture on higher states of consciousness.

Space is limited due to the time limitation of private ceremonies to receive your personalized mantra.

Registration for this even ends 8/23/2021.

Please call Vitalistic Healing Arts at (949) 581-5231 to register or send an email to

Cost: $350.00

Start: 8/25/2021

End: 8/25/2021

Event Link:

Event Link:

Vitalistic Healing Arts

Address: 25431 Cabot Rd, Ste 205

City: Laguna Hills

Map Details: Google Map Link


"Wendy, your Primordial Sound Meditation course was life-changing … I’ve meditated for 50 years. The information you covered gave me so much clarity. Throughout my life I’ve had many questions about the when’s, why’s, and how’s, of meditation. I’ve read books and taken classes but somehow never got the answers. You answered all of them! Along with that, when I learned my primordial sound and saw it written down it moved me in ways I can’t explain. There’s something deep that happens when you hear it and know that it is the sound of the universe at the exact time of your birth. My meditations have been deeper than they’ve ever been… I can’t wait for your next class!!!!"
--Sayanah R.

"Wendy Basden shows her passion for empowering individuals to connect better with themselves and Source in her Primordial Sound Meditation course. I am an experienced meditator that learned a ton in a short amount of time so it fit into my busy schedule. After taking this course, I find myself breathing easier and allowing more moments of joy in my day. I highly recommend taking the time to learn about meditation from Wendy."
--Caren T.