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About Kim Brockington


Contact Information

Name: Kim Brockington
Location: New York

Other Places I Teach

Kim Brockington

New York

Kim Brockington

Los Angeles

Kim Brockington


Kim Brockington

Christiansted St. Croix
Virgin Islands (US) At this time teaching only ON LINE Namaste' Kim

I am certified in:

Chopra Meditation


"I am 89 years old. God has always been in my life. I seemed to have times of sadness. I was introduced to Meditation by my niece, Kim Brockington. I have found such Peace, Calmness and awareness of God. Meditation is such a Gift. When life makes me afraid or uncertain I have Meditation. It's never too late."
--Dorothy Pugh

"Leila Rey Valencia "My name is Leila Valencia and I am 10 years old. We just went into the pandemic lockdown and I had started virtual learning which was complicated. I'm an only child so being away from my classmates and friends gave me lots of anxiety. I didn’t have tools to help with that stress. The first time I meditated was with Kim Brockington. I was a little nervous and didn't know what to expect. Kim walked me through it step by step. Her voice was soothing and helped me to relax. By the 5th minute of our meditation it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. Kim made the meditation a safe environment where you can drift into a relaxed state of mind. After the first meditation ended I felt so light. All my worries and anxiety had drifted away. ""
--Leila Rey Valencia

"Kim was such a joy! She was immensely patient and encouraging. She made me feel confident and comfortable with being new to meditation. I always thought I was doing it wrong or it would be too difficult with my schedule, but Kim taught me to be patient and kind to myself. Her knowledge and technique has been incredibly assuring. I looked forward to each and every session; and felt so at peace and proud of myself after each session. I highly recommend training with Kim, especially for beginners who have uncertainty and doubt about their skills and goals. Kim will make you feel quickly at ease. You will leave wanting more time with her! ?"
--Tracy Pugh