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About Mercy Barber

Contact Information

Name: Mercy Barber
Mobile: 832.265.8811

Mercy has had a lifelong fascination with the concept of well-being. Having a mother who preached nutrition & a father who worked in physics laid a foundational desire to understand how all layers of existence co-create harmony or disharmony from conception on. Trauma at the age of 19 opened her to the healing benefits of yoga & meditation, eventually leading her to study Ayurveda, Reiki, & flower essences. These practices have been immense pillars of well-being for her & her family. As both a mother & grandmother she has witnessed the profound effect of integrating this knowledge with the raising of happy, healthy people. Passionate about empowering others, as Well-Being consultant, Mercy assists in the cultivation of a deeper awareness of one’s self as a unique, multidimensional being through the Perfect Health Ayurvedic workshops ( a Chopra Center Program), Ayurveda for Family Well-Being workshops, Reiki/Flower Essence sessions, & Light Body Yoga classes she offers. Her teaching is inspired by Deepak Chopra, Nassim Haramein, & Esther Hicks to name a few. She believes well-being is a birthright. She believes knowledge of self is the way. She believes all we have to do, in the words of one of her greatest teachers, Abraham, is “tune in, tap in , & turn on” to the healing vibrations that abound in the universe.

Both public & private workshops & sessions are available. Namaste...

I am certified in:

Perfect Health/Ayurveda

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit
Perfect Health


""Mercy has true passion for Ayurveda that shines through in her teaching. Every cell in my body was focused on what she had to say.""
--Student- Jenafer Martin