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Christina Antonetti

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Stony Brook

My name is Christina Antonetti and I live on Long Island. As a NYS certified Special Educator, I have a deep passion for helping others.  I became a certified Ayurvedic Heath/Wellness coach by first becoming certified as a 200-hour Yoga Instructor.  I found that all the benefits of both Yoga & Ayurveda not only helped me with managing my daily stressors as an educator, wife, mom, daughter and coach but also helped my students and children as well!  I found that by incorporating so many wonderful aspects of Yoga & Ayurveda into my teaching craft that my students where thriving more and more each day!  Things like anxiety, OCD and depression were becoming less prevalent in my class and students were showing signs of confidence, compassion, relaxation, risk-taking, and body awareness! This was something that began to spark an interest in my co-workers as well as students’ parents.  This was a pivotal moment in which I decided that my path in life is more than helping's helping others to “heal” themselves, their lifestyle and their home life!  I look forward to working with you.  Follow me on social media for more tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily lives! 


I am available for group/private instruction and can not wait to help YOU HEAL!  

I am certified in:

Chopra Health/Ayurveda
Christina Antonetti


"Christina is very calming and inspiring. She sees things through a very holistic and natural approach. She worked with my children in a yoga class setting at school that made it fun and playful but at the same time had a way of really planting the seeds of meditation in them. She is great!"