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About Pamela Burrus

Pamela Burrus

Contact Information

Name: Pamela Burrus
Mobile: 2133361332
Work: 2133361332
Location: Marina Del Rey

Other Places I Teach

Chopra Teacher

Marina Del Rey, California
Marina Del Rey

Denver Co

1428 Elizabeth Street Denver Co 80206

I am a Chopra Certified Teacher of Ayurveda, The Science of Life, and Primordial Sound Meditation. 
I can work with you on any of your wellness needs.

When we learn within our experiences and integrate the available teachings we can grow in leaps and bounds and heal that which is causing us body, mind suffering, disease & illness. 
I have studied in many parts of this beautiful world and with many heart centered, evolved teachers, health & wellness coaches & masters. 

It is an honor to help others learn what Ayurveda, mindfulness & meditation can do for them. 

Ayurveda and Meditation can help you understand and implement useful tools & knowledge to heal your body, mind, spirit and energy levels.  
Let's get started helping you to learn how to live your Perfect Health.  

Pamela Burrus

Pamela has been in the healing arts for over 20 years. 
A Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Sound Therapist she is devoted to her clients and students Evolution and Healing.  She also works with the gifts of Science utilizing the Amethyst Bio Mats, TDP Lamps, and the IMRS 2000, (utilized by Dr. Oz.). She is completing her Kundalini Teacher Training. In Spain she studied advanced sound healing practices from the leading Sound Therapists at The Sound Dome Institute in Alcalia Spain.
Client Testimonials

"Pamela works with you, while listening on many levels, and assists you in creating a wellness plan and a healing path, comprised of the many tools listed here."

"Pamela is an excellent Teacher of mind, body, spirit wellness.  She can teach you to meditate and to cultivate better health and wellness in all areas of your life."  

"Pamela is a gifted speaker, engaging her audiences when teaching  to small or large groups."

Contact Pamela at 213-336-1332 for a personal, free phone consult.

I am certified in:

Primordial Sound Meditation
Perfect Health/Ayurveda

Chopra Events Attended:

Seduction of Spirit
Silent Awakenings
Journey into Healing
Perfect Health

Photo Gallery

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  • The Sanctuary Om Wellness
  • Sound Baths Sound Healing
  • Asilomar Silence Retreat
  • Pamela Burrus Wellness Practitioner
Pamela Burrus


"I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a healing from Pamela. She started by asking great questions to assess my needs/expectations of this healing. She is an intense listener. I felt completely understood by her, which is a rare experience for most of us. The healing itself was unlike any healing I’ve ever received and felt as thought it was authentically designed for me. Pamela has a sweet, loving energy. Her healing space is cozy and comfy. I highly recommend her to those who are searching for a unique and soothing experience. ~ Katie M."
--Katie Macdonald

"My healing session with Pamela was transformational. She has a depth of knowledge regarding body, mind, spirit health that I, as a Physical Trainer and health enthusiast, deeply respect. When I went to see Pamela I was under some personal and work stress. I am a very focused person with a high drive and relaxing does not always come easily for me. When I arrived at The Sanctuary I was transported to a soothing oasis of sights, sounds and smells that melted my stress away. The meditation she led me on, combined with sound healing and reiki brought me to a release and into relaxation where I could let go and begin to heal. I highly recommend Pamela Burrus to every one looking for healing, relaxation & stress management. Fernanda Rocha"
--Fernanda Rocha

"Pamela is devoted to Self Healing and assisting, guiding, others in their healing. Her kindness, awareness and attentiveness are present in all her interactions. She comes from her heart; the best source of Healing. Angie O."
--Angie O.

"I had journeyed with many Shamans in the past and felt the results were mild and in turn I never took the art very seriously. Then I did some reiki and meditation work with Pamela Burrus! I was absolutely shocked. I was incredibly surprised with the immediate physical transformations. It opened my eyes to a whole other realm I thought only existed in fantasy and the dream world. I highly recommend Pamela for her energy channeling work. I have never seen anything like it."
--Trisha N.

"I did a session with Pamela during a time that I was having a lot of health issues. During the session she gave me discerning insights and observations about what was going on with me spiritually and possibly attributing to a few of my health concerns. I felt Pamela's observations to be very insightful and they helped me to realize where else I can put my focus and energy on my path to healing. In our one on one conversational meetings, Pamela's open heart and Loving Spirit always left me in a spiritually better place. The tools she has taught me, from meditation to daily Ayurvedic practices, has sincerely added years to my life. I am feeling better then ever and managing my Wellness has become much more seamless! I recommend letting her meet with you to see how she is "purposed" to guide you to a place of understanding. Sincerely Grateful."
--Grateful W.

"Morning Pamela, I went for my walk this morning and I could see the beauty in everything again. My husband said that I look different when I got home last night! I thank you so much for last night. I feel so much more content with where I am right now. Looking forward to learning more about Ayurvedic medicine and meditation. Have a beautiful day!"
--Kate Fisher

"I have worked with Pamela for many years. She is very astute and empathetic, and she is skilled in personalizing her many modalities of treatment. She readily adapts to the situation at hand and can work anywhere, even over the phone. Because she is so gifted, she also makes excellent use of time. She is always fully present and makes herself available, no matter what the circumstances are. For example: she led me through a transformational reiki healing session, which, out of necessity, took place in my grandson's bedroom one afternoon while the family was in the house. She was very kind, answering questions and easily conversing with everyone, including the kids. She brought her Amethyst Bio mat, essential oils, and her sound therapy equipment and quickly found the very scent and sounds I needed. Her guided meditation was astounding and it created a permanent place of nurturing and love that I can still visit anytime. I highly recommend her!!"

"Pamela has been a guiding light for me into the mind body spirit of wellness practice. I have had many meditative and healing experiences with her. She is kind and thoughtful, making you feel at home in her Sanctuary and with her natural gifts of listening and teaching, she will help guide you on your own wellbeing journey, by using several alternative healing practices and methods to help manage your own pain, whether it, mental, physical or emotional. Namaste, Lisa"
--Lisa M.

"I am a Senior Executive in Los Angeles on the Wilshire corridor.  My schedule is hectic, the demands of me are many, and my time is precious.  I have been finding myself “out-of-balance” and looking for a way to “calm-the-noise” that often runs rampant in my mind and spirt.   The overall experience of Pamela’s work and The Sanctuary are truly like none that I have ever experienced before.  The primordial sound mediation, healing reiki and sound bath synchronized perfectly to calm and center me with little effort on my part.  The stillness of my mind and the calming of my spirit as a result of working with Pamela Burrus is of immeasurable value to me.  Her hear felt connection, the full attention to which she affords me, and the sound bath washing over me strips the stress and head noise away from me almost instantly.  Working with Pamela is an investment in myself and helps me to be a better centered, calm and productive professional in the process.   I whole heartedly recommend Pamela and her skill sets as a Teacher of Perfect Health and Primordial Sound Meditation. Her gifts as a healer and Wellness Coach are exemplary and a means to de-stress and remove anxiety from your life just as it has done for mine.   K. D. Senior Vice President - Originations Westlake Financial"